We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality AAAA weed in Canada. Our selection features a range of quad strains and craft cannabis that is carefully curated by trusted boutique cannabis growers. We prioritize finding unique, rare, exotic, and the best versions of popular strains. Whether you’re looking for a strong Indica to help with pain or an uplifting Sativa for creativity, our AAAA quad strains are sure to satisfy you. Shop now and see for yourself why these are some of the most sought-after craft buds in the industry.

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Peanut Butter Rockstar

THC 22-27% CBD 0-1%

AAAA 28 gram Special

Premium Flower

Pink Diablo

THC 24-26% CBD 0-1%

Death Bubba

THC 23-27%

Black Mamba

THC 22-25% CBD 1-2%

Pink Runtz

THC 23-26% CBD 0-0.1%

Peyote Cookies

THC 24-26% CBD 0.1-1%

El Chapo OG

THC 26-28% CBD 1%


THC  22-27%  CBD 1-2%

Pinkman Goo

THC  22-26%  CBD 1%

Jungle Cake

THC  22-27%  CBD 1%

Tom Ford

THC 25-27% CBD 0.1-1%

What is AAAA weed?

AAAA weed, also known as quad strains, refers to a category of particularly high-quality and potent cannabis. These premium strains can often have very THC levels, tasty terpene profiles, bag appeal, and excellent aromas. Making them a popular choice among experienced cannabis consumers.