Cannabis Indica Strains

Considered to be the most potent of the Cannabis family. Recognized as Indica, A type of marijuana strain that can offer the highest THC content, making it the most potent of it’s kind.

Cannabis Indica Effects

It is essential to note Indica weed strains consist of the most substantial effects. Some of these results consist of relaxing, sedative, euphoric, pain alleviation, and increased appetite.

Furthermore, the results may vary depending on the individual. Ultimately, Indica Cannabis is sometimes highly suggested after dinner time for consumption due to the massive tranquillizing effects.

Sativa or Indica?

Furthermore, Indica plants tend to yield very tight buds that feel a lot stickier by texture. Additionally, the characteristic profile consists of potent, pungent, sweet-gas, skunk, and mainly kush-like terpenes.

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Bubba Kush

$99 oz


Death Bubba


Pine Tar


Zombie OG


Pink Tuna Kush


Gas Mask

$1475 LB


Tuna Kush

$1600 LB


Bubblegum Kush


Abusive OG

 $1600 LB


Death Tuna


Diamond OG

$1450 LB


Master Kush

$1400 LB




Black Tuna


Crown Royal

$60.00 $55.00

Pink Bubba

$1750 LB


King Louis XIII


Cali Bubba

$1700 LB


Violator Kush



Banana Kush