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Welcome to Weed-Deals! Home to the leading Canadian source for Cannabis. Buy weed at the best online dispensary that is based in Vancouver (BC), Canada. We provide the nation with mail-order marijuana that is trustworthy and reliable. Our goal each day at our store is to provide our shoppers with low-prices for the finest Cannabis products. We offer an outstanding selection of marijuana flowers, edibles, concentrates, and more. Also, added with our outstanding services are the quickest shipping times for packages on every purchase. A friendly team is here to help answer questions along the way for customer satisfaction. Let us prove why satisfied buyers choose our service as a beloved option for their #1 Canada weed dispensary. Join the nation’s most relevant and rated in 2020 last year’s top store among online dispensaries and save 10% off the first order

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Order weed online at the top store that provides the best Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. We always inspect the quality to ensure customers receive their packages in the mail with a satisfied smile. Suppose you’re on the hunt in Canada to buy the best weed strain. Our store can help present a vast number of choices for Cannabis. Also, guarantee the authenticity of product photos are always 100% legit. Save yourself the trouble and purchase at a dispensary willing to give the greatest value for your hard-earned money.

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Grease Monkey

Indica | Grade: AAA+

THC: 23-27% | CBD: 1%


Medium Popcorn Buds (Shishkaberry)

Hybrid | Grade: AAA+

THC: 18-26% | CBD: 0.1-1%


Popcorn Buds (Pine Tar)

Indica | Grade: AAA+

THC: 18-24% | CBD: 0.1-1%


Blackberry Kush

Indica | Grade: AAA

THC: 16-20% | CBD: 0%


Black Diamond

Indica | Grade: AAA+

THC: 18-24% | CBD: 1-4%


Maui Wowie

Sativa | Grade: AAA

THC: 18-24% | CBD: 0.1-1%


Tangerine Haze

Hybrid | Grade: AAA

THC: 16-21% | CBD: 1-2%


Diamond OG

Indica | Grade: AAA

THC: 18-22% | CBD: 0.1-1%


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My first order with this company wasn't bad at all. I ordered a quarter pound of weed for $550 and the strain was Skookum Charlie. My only regret was that I didn't get more because that product was really powerful and flavorful. Once I got close to finishing my QP I tried to buy more but they were all sold out.
From day one I have been very impressed with Weed Deals. From the great customer service to the quality/price ratio they offer. This site won’t disappoint. They have an excellent choice of strains, accessories and the always have great deals. Delivery is always fast and reliable. Can’t go wrong with this place.
A. Beare
A. Beare
Weed-Deals always offers such great product for affordable prices. They have what I'm looking for depending on what I'm in the mood for. I usually purchase their Mix & Match packs because it gives me a variety of strains to try before I decide to make a large purchase. Not only are their products very good but their service is unmatched. They are always there to answer when I have a question about certain products or need some suggestions. Thank you for being so reliable and trustworthy!
Og Canna
Og Canna
Absolutely love this site. I have tried numerous similar sites and have now made this my main source for quality products. I will always check weed-deals before any other site and rarely do I end up on another site as I am almost always able to find the quality and quantity I want for more than reasonable pricing. I have had to communicate with the company and they have an amazing staff and their customer service is phenomenal. Any time I have had any issues (which is rare) it has been resolved in a timely fashion. I am so satisfied with their services and constantly telling others to go there as well.
Jess Hope
Jess Hope
Weed-Deals is a BC-based dispensary providing Canadians with safe, fresh, and superior cannabis! They have weekly sales, Offer a 10% off discount on your first order, and shipping takes a maximum of 2-3 days to get from one coast to the other. Their customer service is far superior to any other company I've encountered and they offer weekly deals on ounces flower, making cannabis more affordable for medical and recreational users. Everything comes discreetly packaged and smell proof. They are well worth trying if you haven't already! Their website is easy to navigate and offers a plethora of cannabis news, health information. How-to guides, and strain reviews!

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