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Get the best pre-rolls in Canada. Save money and buy bulk pre rolled joints, We offer Indica, Hybrid, Sativa, CBD, low THC and Infused pre rolls.

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Vin Gardens Pre Rolls Gas Mask

THC: 21-24% CBD: 1%

Vin Gardens Pre Rolls Strawberry

THC: 20-23% CBD: 1%

Vin Gardens Pre Rolls Platinum Kush

THC: 23-25% CBD: 0%

Vin Gardens Pre Rolls Pink Kush

THC: 20-22% CBD: 0-1%
Indica • 100 x 0.5g

Vin Gardens Pre Rolls Cherry Mac

THC: 19-22% CBD: 1%
Hybrid • Prerolls

Vin Gardens Pre Rolls Tom Ford Kush

THC: 23-27% CBD: 0%

Vin Gardens Pre Rolls Purple Urkle

THC: 21-25% CBD: 0%

Vin Gardens Pre Rolls White Truffle

THC: 21-24% CBD: 1%

0.5g Prerolls – Death Bubba

THC: 20-22% CBD: 0
Indica • Prerolls

3 for $45 Stanky Danky Pre Rolls

LA Kush Cake + Unicorn Poop + Apple & Bananas
craft cannabis

Greeniez Pre-rolls Super Silver Haze 7 pack | 5.25g

THC 22-25% CBD 1%
HYBRID • 7 x 0.75g

Stanky Danky Pre-Rolls Unicorn Poop

THC 24-26% CBD 1%
HYBRID • 4 x 0.5g

Made with Top-Notch Strains

Our pre-rolls come in a variety of  popular marijuana strains, from Indicas to Sativas, and even Hybrids. You'll love the selection!

Wrapped with the best Quality Papers and Filters

We use top-grade rolling papers and filters for a smooth, enjoyable smoke. No more harsh hits or uneven burns! Our expert team ensure every joint is crafted to perfection. You'll appreciate the consistentency.