Exotic Weed

Looking for rare types of weed? Our team works with exclusive growers to offer our customers the most exotic weed strains available.  The price of our rare exotic bud collection is more expensive due to the quality and rarity of these strains. If your a true conneiseur on the hunt to find the next best strain with out of this world terpenes. Then this is the place for you.

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Cherry Bomb

THC 22-26% CBD 1-2%
Hybrid • AAA

Tropic Thunder

THC 19-26% CBD 1%
Hybrid • AAAA

Melted Strawberries

THC 24-32% • CBD 2%
Hybrid • AAAA+

Apples and Bananas

THC 23-26% CBD 0.1%
Hybrid • AAAA

Jet Fuel Gelato

THC: 25-27% CBD: 1%
Indica AAAA

Mendo Breath

THC 22-26% CBD 0%
Indica • AAAA