Gassy Weed Strains
Gassy strains are refered to a certain blend of terpene profiles found in weed that is indica-domant with genetic kush lineages.
Gas is a term used in the cannabis community for any weed that is pungent with a diesel gas-like aroma. These types of strains are sought after due to there mesmerizing smell, taste and there full body melting effects.
Most types with strong “kush” scents would be considered a gassy strain and on average gas weed contain the highest level of THC .

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Greasy Pink Bubba

THC 24-26% CBD 0-1%
Indica • AAA

Pinkman Goo

THC 22-26% CBD 1%
Indica • AAAA

Gas Face

THC 23-25% CBD 0%
Indica • AAA

Galactic Gas

THC 22-24% CBD 0.2%
Indica • AAA

Death Tuna

THC 23-25% CBD 1%
Indica • AAA+