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Learn how to roll a joint in under 2 minutes with 5 easy steps

Are you looking for easy and quick tips on how to roll a joint with weed? or do you want to improve your doobie rolling techniques? It's easy! Master the skill for rolled weed joints with our easy to follow step by step instructions.
Weed inside grinder

Easy Step 1. Bust & Grind The Bud

Firstly, remove any stems and unwanted leaves from your marijuana buds. Next, separate the unwanted branches and leaves next place your weed inside a grinder and begin grinding.

  • *Suppose you happen not to have access to one. A pair of scissors will work to shred the flower*

Joint filter

Easy Step 2. Create A Joint Filter

Using any thick cardboard paper from a business card, cigarette package, or any type of cardboard packaging will do. Take your filter paper of choice and begin rolling the material into a cylinder shape.


  • It is important to note to keep the size according to the width of the joint.

Rolling Paper

Easy Step 3. Load Up The Rolling Paper

Begin to load your joint by evenly distributing your shredded weed on top of the rolling paper. Next, firmly pack down the bud and insert the joint filter onto the end of the rolling paper.


  • *It is important to note that you want to make sure the glue end of the paper is facing upwards towards you*

Easy Step 4.

Easy Step 4. Begin Rolling & Shaping

To ensure a good looking rolled joint, start by shaping the weed together in a form similar to tobacco cigarettes. Afterwards, pinch both ends of the paper between your fingertips. Gently rolling the refined marijuana and packaging it down.


  • *Most marijuana joints take on the shape of a cone or in a straight line similar to a pre-filled cigarette*

weed inside of a rolling paper with a filter | unrolled joint
Easy Step 5.

Easy Step 5. Lick it, Tuck it, Roll it!

Pay attention because this last rolling a joint step is the most critical! Begin to tuck the rolling paper’s front end (side closest to you) between the weed and another side of the paper. Following, wedge both sides until they are touching and begin gently rolling upwards. Lastly, lick the glossy glue and start rolling upwards until the adhesive glue touches the other side of the paper.


  • *Pro Tip* Using any long and skinny object, begin to pack down the ends of your joint and twisting the paper to seal the ends of the joint completely.

2 pre rolled joints

Your Finished! A pre-rolled joint in 2 minutes

“Now that you have the skill on how to roll a joint. Recognize that practice makes perfect, and you will be on your way to becoming a professional”

2 thoughts on “5 Easy Steps: 2 Minute How To Roll A Joint Guide

  1. MTL_CANNAisseuse says:

    I’ve been rolling joints for 20 years and still as truffle sometimes with the filter. Never ever thought to read an article like this as I thought I already know but reading this was informative. I’m happy I did so I can try some tips when rolling another. These blog posts always so informative love them!

    1. TeamWDWD says:

      That’s so awesome to hear that even after 20 years of rolling joints, you learned something new from our blog!! We do our best with providing helpful/unique content to our readers.

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