Best How To Smoke Hash Guide: Top 10 Ways


Best How To Smoke Hash Guide: Top 10 Ways

Smoking hash, or hashish, is something enjoyed by millions. From the nearly instant high to the pleasant taste, smoking hash is a great way to use cannabis. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to smoke hash, including tips for using the substance for the first time.
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What Is Hash?

Hashish is made by isolating trichomes from the cannabis flower before pressing them into a solid substance, hash is extremely potent. Many people enjoy smoking it due to its fast-acting effects and long-lasting high. But another reason why hash is so popular is that it can be smoked in a wide variety of ways. Whether you enjoy smoking joints or you like a huge bong rip, hash can easily be incorporated into your cannabis-smoking routine. But to fully enjoy the amazing effects, it’s important to smoke the substance properly.
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Learning How to Smoke Hash 10 Easy Methods:

Smoking hashish can be done in several ways. While there used to be only a few simple ways to use the substance, some methods today are pretty advanced. Whether you’re looking to use hash for the first time or you need a little refresher, let’s look at some of the most common techniques

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1. Joint

Most stoners know how to roll a joint or blunt. Even if you don’t, have no fear! Rolling companies have cones, which are always an easy access option too! A few of the most notable and notorious rolling papers and blunt brand names to choose from are Zig Zag, RAW, Swisher Sweet, and Backwoods. Roll your joint/blunt with reefer or tobacco and topping it off with a sprinkle of hash. Doing this will allow everyone to get on that next level high. Additionally, this method is the most social and out-going way to smoke your medicine, making it perfect for surprising your friends during a social gathering. After consumption, stay close to your acquaintances to see which ones are higher than the others and enjoy a good laugh. For a fun joke, you could even ask your friends if they taste anything different about the joint/blunt they had just smoked.

smoke hash in a blunt or spliff

2. Blunt or Spliff

This may be the most popular way to use hashish. It’s simple, straightforward, and gets the job done. Also, it’s usually the preferred method when smoking with others. This technique involves mixing hash with flower and rolling it in a blunt, spliff, or joint. While you won’t get the massive rip like you would with a bong or dab rig, the experience is still very pleasant. Many hash smokers prefer this method since it’s calming and relaxing. Plus, as bongs and other smoking methods involve re-lighting the hash, enjoying a joint only takes a single flame.

Smoking Hash In A Joint Blunt Or Spliff Checklist

  • Hash
  • Blunt wrap or rolling paper
  • Cannabis flower
  • Lighter

Smoking hash in a joint, blunt of spliff guide

After grabbing all the essentials, you’re ready to start rolling. Here’s where the fun begins. As hash doesn’t burn the easiest on its own, combining it with marijuana flower can help. To begin, place a solid foundation of cannabis into your blunt wrap or rolling paper. Then, sprinkle a heaping of hash evenly over the marijuana. If you’re new to hashish, don’t overdo it. As the substance can be challenging to work with, you can roll the hashish in a cylinder, then lay it on top of the flower. Once you’ve added the hash, finish it off with another layer of cannabis. From there, light it up and drift away! As potency is increased, expect a stronger high within minutes. Also, as effects should work quickly, they aren’t immediate. That said, don’t take massive rips from the get-go, especially if you’re new to smoking hash. Take a toke or two then wait a few minutes.
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3. Bong

A bong is a great option because it removes several dangerous smoking substances and toxins.Similar to smoking hash in a pipe, you grind up some cannabis of your choice and pack the glass bowl halfway.Break up the hash and fill it on top of the refined cannabis. Be sure to shape the bowl into a flat surface for an even burn. Begin by igniting the full bowl and smoothly inhale to fill the chamber, as this will help you consume your hash efficiently.

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4. Pipe

Grind up some cannabis and pack half the glass bowl with the ground weed. Begin breaking up your hash and packing it gently to form an excellent circular flat shape on top of the flower material. Now cover the carb hole, then ignite your lighter or torch and gently inhale as you’re burning the bowl evenly and not roasting it to the point where it is charred. This way of smoking hash is much healthier because it prevents you from directly inhaling burned papers or a tobacco wrap.
smoke hash in a bowl

5. Bowl

An easier and less time-consuming way to consume hashish is in a pipe, bubbler, bong, or any other bowl device. As this doesn’t involve any rolling, the method is ideal for those looking to spark up right away. Also, this method allows you to get a pretty massive rip – something that’s hard to do when smoking a joint or blunt. Water filtration is also another factor to consider. A bong or bubble will filter and cool the hash smoke, leading to a smoother, more pleasant cannabis experience.

Smoking Hash In Bong, Bubbler, Spoon Pipe, or Bowl Checklist

  • Hash
  • Cannabis flower, if preferred
  • Metal screen, if you want to smoke hash by itself
  • Lighter source (consider a high-powered lighter if smoking hash by itself)

Smoking Hash In A Bong, Bubbler, Spoon Pipe, or Bowl Guide

To get smoking, either pack your bowl with your favorite flower or insert the metal screen if you’ll only be smoking hash. Be sure to only put a thin layer of cannabis. Then, add your desired amount of hashish. Most users will add a small chunk. After layering up, you’re ready to smoke! Light up your hashish and cannabis flower, and use a high-powered lighter if the hash isn’t lighting up effectively.
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6. Vaporizer

Nowadays, it is possible to vaporize hash with devices built for smoking concentrates. Vaporizers are efficient and portable similar to dabbing at home. You can hit the vape anywhere with less equipment meaning it is all built-in one device. Act accordingly to the instructions based on your vaporizer manufacturer’s instructions.
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7. Dab Rig

For those dabbers out there, dabbing hash looks pretty similar to using other concentrates. For starters, make sure you have enough water in your device. After using a blow torch or e-nail to heat up your rig (again, we recommend 350 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit), use your dabber tool to add a small chunk of hash into the hot banger. We recommend using a carb cap when dabbing hash. After adding the substance, place the cap over your banger and begin drawing in through the mouthpiece. Then, remove the carb cap and inhale the vapor. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your hashish high!

Smoking Hash In Vaporizer or Dab Rig Checklist

  • Hash
  • Vaporizer, but make sure it’s built for concentrates
  • Dab rig, if you prefer this method
  • Blow torch or e-nail, if using a dab rig

Smoking Hash In Vaporizer or Dab Rig Guide

The tricky part of vaporizing or dabbing your hash is getting it to melt properly. If not, you’ll have trouble vaporizing it. The best approach is to give it a shot and see what happens. If your hash doesn’t appear to melt effectively, turning it into something called rosin can help. To do this, grab a hair straightener and two small pieces of wax paper. After heating up the straightener, place the hash between the two pieces of wax paper and press the straightener on either side of the paper, sandwiching the hashish. As you’re squeezing the hash together with the heated device, this creates rosin, which tends to melt more effectively in a vaporizer or dab rig. Now it’s time to light it up! If you’re using the vaporizer method, simply add your hash to the device, choose your ideal temperature (we recommend between 350 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit), fire up the device, and begin inhaling. You’ll feel the pleasing effects in no time!
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8. Hot Knife

The first step involves making a mouthpiece. First, cut the water bottle in half and throw out the bottom section. The top half will be used as your mouthpiece. The next step is to heat up your knives. To do this, either place them onto a hot stovetop or use a blowtorch. The goal is to get the knives hot enough to where they’re glowing red. After letting the knives cool slightly, put your mouth over the mouthpiece and hold it in place with your teeth or lips. Then, add a small piece of hash to one of the knives and quickly place the other knife on top of it as you’re pressing down. From there, inhale the smoke through the mouthpiece. To limit any wasted goodness, try to suck up all the smoke you can. Exhale and feel the stoney effects!

Smoking Hash By Hot Knifing Checklist

  • Hash
  • Two metal knives
  • Blow torch of stovetop
  • Plastic water bottle cut in half
Plastic bottle with smoke

9. Bottle Tokes

A quick, easy, and budget-friendly way to smoke hash is by the bottle toke method. Also known as bots or BTs, this method involves creating a bong out of a plastic water bottle hence the name. Let’s get started! Find a clean empty water bottle with the lid attached.Cut a small cigarette-sized hole near the bottom Place a small piece of hash at end of the cigarette. Light it up!Place the lit cigarette with the burning hash to the small hole you cut . Allow the smoke to fill up and cover the hole.Unscrew the lid and take inhale the smoke.

Smoking Hash By Bottle Toke Checklist

  • Hash
  • Empty Plastic Bottle
  • Cigarette
  • Scissors
smoke hash in a hookah

10. Hookah

Also known as shisha, the hookah is a smoking device that withstands the test of time. This imposing water pipe dates back over 500 years ago, created as a way to purify the smoke for an excellent smoking experience. If you’re in a group setting smoking hash in a hookah is a great way to get everybody high. It’s perfect for hashish as it burns slower than cannabis flower. Fill your hookah or shisha about 1/4 to 1/3 full with water. (Bonus tip: for extra cooling effect and experience add a bit of ice)Roll a chunk of hash into a nice rounded shape and place it into the bowl. Place a piece of aluminum foil over top of the bowl and poke small holes int he foil. Grab hot hookah coal and place it on top of the foil. Wait a minute for the hookah to work its magic. Take the mouthpiece and inhale.

Smoking Hash By Hookah Checklist

  • Hash
  • Water
  • Ice
  • Hookah Coals
tips for first time hash users

Tips for First-Time Hash Users

If you’ve never smoked hash before, there are some things to keep in mind before getting started. Remember, hash is much more potent than regular cannabis flower, so don’t assume you can start smoking high amounts of hashish right away. If you do, you’ll probably get a lot higher than you anticipated.

Consume with an experienced user

As the effects of hashish are far different than regular cannabis flower, the way you smoke it also varies. That said, try to use it with someone who has done it before. This can ensure you use the right amount, smoke it properly, and use it safely. A seasoned user can also offer some tips for elevating your hashish experience.
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Stay Hydrated

While you may understand the importance of staying hydrated as you smoke a blunt, it’s even more vital when you enjoy hashish. If you don’t ensure you have enough water, you can wake up the next day feeling pretty dehydrated. While ensuring you have enough water can be a tough task for first-timers, keeping this tip in mind can save you the headache later on!
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Start Slow

Hash is some pretty powerful stuff. But even if you hit massive dabs on the daily, smoking hash for the first time can present some surprising effects. That said, no matter your cannabis experience level, start slow. In your first session, only add a small chunk to your favorite flower. If you want stronger effects after feeling the impact of your first dose, try smoking a little more. As this is a new form of cannabis to you, you don’t know how your body will react. Be sure to start slowly and increase your dose from there.

Use The Right Amount

As a first-time hash user, you’ll want to start with a small piece. For users who have smoked regular cannabis flower before, try adding a small chunk on top of your cannabis. Another option is to break up the hash into smaller chunks, then spreading those around the bowl or joint. However, be sure to use the right amount. For starters, I wouldn’t use a piece larger than the size of your pinky nail. But it does depend on if you’re smoking alone, the type of hash you have, and how long you will be smoking the hash. However, if you’re smoking hashish as a beginner, start with a very small amount and work your way up from there.
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Be in a comfortable place with people you know

Even if you smoke cannabis often, the high of hashish may surprise you. That said, you never want to smoke it around sketchy people. Once you’re super stoned, this can bring on paranoia or other unpleasant feelings. As you want to enjoy your high, make sure you’re around people you’re comfortable with. Also, you’ll want to be in a familiar place. Being somewhere new can be uncomfortable when you’re totally baked, which can bring down your pleasant high. As a first-time hash smoker, enjoy it with your friends and smoke it up in a familiar spot.
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Now You're Ready To Smoke Hash!

Smoking hashish is a delightful cannabis experience. After learning more about this delicious substance, including how it’s used, you’re now ready to toke it up for yourself!