How To Smoke Hash Guide: The 6 Best Methods

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Concentrates can be challenging to consume, so we created this guide on how to smoke hash.

Cannabis consumers may have heard of this extract before. Even if you haven’t, all the answers to your questions are in this article.

What Is Hash?

Extracts such as hash, otherwise known as hashish, is an original cannabis concentrate embedded within the culture of marijuana since the 18th century. 

Did you know that hash was the first THC extract created in the world? Moreover, hashish had risen to fame during the Napoleonic campaign and was received by French troops in Egypt. 

Fast forward to today, and there are many unique forms of hash. For example, you may find a bubble hash, full melt, dry sift, espresso, and many more.

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What Are The Best Methods For Smoking Hash?

Now that you have a basic understanding of hash, you can decide which of these methods listed below are the most suitable for your circumstances.


Most stoners know how to roll a joint or blunt. Even if you don’t, have no fear! Rolling companies have cones, which are always an easy access option too!

A few of the most notable and notorious rolling papers and blunt brand names to choose from are Weed-Deals rolling papers, Zig Zag, RAW, Swisher Sweet, and Backwoods.

Roll your joint/blunt with reefer or tobacco and topping it off with a sprinkle of hash. Doing this will allow everyone to get on that next level high. Additionally, this method is the most social and out-going way to smoke your medicine, making it perfect for surprising your friends during a social gathering.

After consumption, stay close to your acquaintances to see which ones are higher than the others and enjoy a good laugh. For a fun joke, you could even ask your friends if they taste anything different about the joint/blunt they had just smoked.

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The glass Rainbow Bong from Weed-Deals is a healthy and reliable option because it removes several dangerous smoking substances and toxins.

Similar to smoking hash in a pipe, you grind up some cannabis of your choice and pack the glass bowl halfway.

Break up the hash and fill it on top of the refined cannabis. Be sure to shape the bowl into a flat surface for an even burn. 

Begin by igniting the full bowl and smoothly inhale to fill the chamber, as this will help you consume your hash efficiently.


Grind up some cannabis and pack half the glass bowl with the ground weed. Begin breaking up your hash and packing it gently to form an excellent circular flat shape on top of the flower material.

Now cover the carb hole, then ignite your lighter or torch and gently inhale as you’re burning the bowl evenly and not roasting it to the point where it is charred.

This way of smoking hash is much healthier because it prevents you from directly inhaling burned papers or a tobacco wrap.

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Nowadays, it is possible to vaporize hash with devices built for smoking concentrates. Vaporizers are efficient and portable similar to dabbing at home. 

You can hit the vape anywhere with less equipment meaning it is all built-in one device.

Act accordingly to the instructions based on your vaporizer manufacturer instructions.

Hot Knife

Start by cutting an empty water bottle in half for your location of inhalation. Using a paperclip, stick the desired amount of hash at its end and use it as a pick.

Using two knives, begin by heating them on a stove coil or torching them till it is searing hot at about 175°Celsius to 200°Celsius.

Place your lips around the bottle cap side to begin smoking, holding it a few inches above the butter knives.

Stick the hash onto the butter knives’ hot end, and place the other hot butter knife on top to vaporize the hash. 

When the hash has begun evaporating, you should start to inhale it smoothly, but be careful because the hash incinerated and it will be quite hot.

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Dab Rig

Much like dabbing shatter through a rig, you heat the e-nail or if you’re using a glass banger take a torch and raise the temperature until it is 176°Celsius to 204°Celsius to prevent a harsh hit.

Once the e-nail or glass banger is at the stated temperature, you begin dabbing your hash on the nail by inhaling the vapor filling the chamber and then into your lungs.

This method is an excellent way of smoking hash as it helps you conserve your hash and maximizes the potential effects.

Most importantly, clean out your electronic nail or glass banger after smoking hash to avoid a burnt taste when smoking other concentrates.

How To Make Hash Or Hashish: Step By Step

Learn how to produce your own hash using this step by step guide. Follow each step carefully to produce an exceptional final product.

Step 1: Take a palm-full of kief

Measure out a small amount of kief that will comfortably fit the palm of your hand and hold it over wax paper or parchment paper.

Step 2: Massage

Using your other hand, place it on top of your palm with the kief, then start rubbing back and forth producing heat. Continuously work the material between your hands for 10 minutes until the kief has formed into a pin-shaped structure.

Repeating this step for a longer period of time will produce that hash consistency and become denser.

To avoid your hashish from crumbling into bits and pieces, we recommend you keep rubbing the formed kief for an additional 5-10 minutes to ensure the form solidifies into a solid piece.

Step 3: Freeze & knead

Store your hash on top of parchment paper inside an airtight container to prevent it from drying out and crumbling apart.

Remove the gloves and place them in the freezer to extract all that sticky resin.

Using your fresh hash knead the resin you have collected from the gloves.

Unethical Methods Of Consumption

After learning how to smoke hash in the several different mechanisms, it’s important to remember the method you should avoid. Using the process listed below too often could result in poor health conditions. Therefore, we recommend that you consume hash utilizing this technique, only as your last resort.

Plastic Bottle

Have you ever created a device using just a plastic bottle? Well, now’s your chance. In a few short steps, you could be consuming your substances in no time.

Begin by making a bowl by removing the bottle’s cap and wrapping a layer of aluminum foil on top. After that, pierce multiple tiny holes through the foil, allowing air to flow downwards.

Secondly, make two holes—one on the bottom side and another on the bottle’s top half. Most importantly, the two holes must be on opposite sides of the bottle. The purpose of this is to create a carb hole and mouthpiece.

Lastly, add hash to the top of the bottle where the aluminum bowl is created and begin igniting the extract. After the hash hits your desired temperature, place your finger on the bottom carb-hole and your lips on the opposite hole and begin inhaling the hash.

Evaluate Your Preferred Technique

Now that you understand the many unique possibilities of smoking hash, it’s time to finalize a decision. Individuals may prefer one method over another, but all in all, it comes down to your personal preference.

Perhaps inhaling hash through the form of a joint is the most convenient for you. Whereas others might prefer the terpene profile and overall taste when consumed using a dab rig.

All in all, it’s your decision what the best form of consuming hash is for your personal preference.

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