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THC Cannabis Extracts offer a potent and effective way of consuming weed. Buy Bulk Concentrates in Canada at our wholesale dispensary. We offer affordable prices and high-quality THC Cannabis Extracts in bulk for both recreational and medicinal use. Our selection includes popular options such as shatter, live resin, distillate, and THC oil. Ordering in bulk from us allows for significant cost savings and convenience. Trust us to provide safe and reliable THC Cannabis Extracts for your needs. Shop now to take advantage of our bulk discounts.

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THC Distillate

THC 95-98% 

Moroccan Hash



Mercedes Hash






Rockstar Shatter

THC 70-80% CBD 0%

Chronic Rocks

1 Gram Each

3 grams of Shatter Mix & Match

Choose Any 3

Peach OG THC Diamonds



White Rhino Budder



Funfetti Badder

THC 60-85% CBD 0%

Hooti Extracts Live Resin

Packed with terpenes